Thursday, April 28, 2011



Available May 1, 2011

My friend Ursula has been lobbying for several years to have me design a small purse. She likes to carry a small purse with an adjustable handle that she can wear across her body or over her shoulder. Of course, she still wanted all the pockets and zippers that I have on my other purses, but in a small package. 

What's the saying about persistence (A.K.A, nagging)? Well, she finally wore me down. Not before she put me to shame and actually made her own version by using some of my techniques from my previous purse patterns.  Ursula made an adorable purse that gave me the push I needed to design a small purse. 

I started thinking about what I would want in a small purse. I am usually a big purse lady that likes to fit everything AND the kitchen sink into a purse. How does 8 pockets with a zipper closure at the top sound? All in a 10 wide by 7 1/2" tall package. It's hard to carry a small purse and a bulky wallet, so I added underneath the front flap, 6 credit card pockets and a vinyl pocket for your ID.  The zipper pocket above the front flap is wide enough to hold your paper money. Two side pockets are great for your glasses, phone and even a small bottle of water will fit inside the pocket.

To be continued...(I'll tell you all about the back side and lining of Ursula and who Emily is!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where Does All The Time Go?

I am crawling out of my cozy cave, (I must have some bear in me) to say hello! In my cave I have been designing 2 new patterns. The first one called Ursula and Emily will be out May 1st and the second one I think is going to be called Double Duty Tote. That was just a tease, I will have pictures and more details coming this week.

Cincinnati Quilt Festival
I recently got back from helping out my friend Sandy, aka Hissyfitz Designs at the Cincinnati Quilt Festival. This quilt festival used to be in Chicago, but changed this year to Cincinnati. I wanted to go so I could check things out and see if I wanted to have a booth at the Houston Quilt Market and Festival.

I had so much fun checking out every one's cute tote bags and purses as they walked by. Sandy and I tackled and pulled into her booth anyone who was carrying a Professional Tote and told them that I designed that bag, I was even asked to sign an autograph. Sandy had to bring me back to earth as I was feeling pretty special.

Valerie White & Professional Tote

I noticed a gorgeous red, black and white Professional Tote go by and I pulled Valerie White into my booth to admire it. She mentioned that her friend, Bennie Mann, had made the purse for her as a gift and was so excited to meet me that she had to call Bennie right there and then so I could talk to her. Come to find out Bennie Mann makes marvelous purses and has one of her creations in this month's Haute Handbag Magazine. I had to take a picture of Valerie and her beautiful tote.
Rita Jackson, Me & Lynn Mill

Rita Jackson and Lynn Mill both from the Windsor, Canada area stopped by to show me the Professional Totes Rita made for herself and Lynn.

Sandy and I had a great time with lots of laughs and I think I might, just might have to have a booth in Houston. Hope to see you there.