Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Friend Sandy

My friend, Sandy, fellow pattern designer and ex-co worker just started a new blog. She has a very nice tutorial  for making quick and easy fabric coasters. So take a look and while you are there, check out the "Hanging by a Thread" article It is about an art piece hanging in the NC Museum of Art that is made from 5,184 spools of thread. The artist Devorah Sperber has a wonderful collection of photographs on her website of other art pieces made from spools of thread.

Sandy designs darling light-hearted applique quilt patterns,,  and her business is called Hissyfitz Designs. I just love the name and it fits perfect because her last name is Fitzpatrick.

Here are a couple of her adorable designs.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where was I?

Well, well, well, where have I been? I have been deep in a stressful fog and the fog has finally cleared. It all started in mid May with a trip to CT to see my parents because my mother wasn’t feeling well and to celebrate my birthday. The end of May we started a complete kitchen and back hall remodel. For those of you that have done a complete remodel, I need to say no more. Wow, I knew it was going to be inconvenient, but it was awful. I will spare you all the details and tell you that it is all done and I love it.
My mother ended up in the hospital for a total of 4 weeks and 3 days in 2 separate stays for heart and lung problems, in and out of intensive care.  My husband and I were in CT for 10 days in July and then I was back in August for another 10 days. Again I will spare you most of the details, but the bottom line is that my mother is an amazing woman. The doctors told her that there was nothing else they could do for her and sent her home. Since she got home she is doing remarkable and getting stronger every day.
My daughter, Carol, has been keeping my orders going and has been a life saver. She allowed me to deal with my personal issues and kept my business going for me.  Carol is going to be doing some marketing for me and writing some newsletters and blogs in the future.
With all that business out of the way, I will leave you with some eye candy.
These pictures are from the last meeting of my quilting bee.

Karen made this wonderful recipe quilt. The white squares in the quilt have our favorite recipes written on them that we exchanged last year.

Nancy made this beautiful star quilt with striped and solid fabric.

Carol made this quilt for a relative out of her husbands shirts. The solid squares are the shirts and she bordered them with 2 1/2" squares and quilted a beautiful all over design.

These last four quilts were made by Mary Lou. Every single one was hand cut and hand pieced except for the borders. There are many more quilt tops of Mary Lou's to show you. She must have finished 40 to 50 quilt tops in the last year and every one is hand cut and hand pieced. Amazing!

See you soon!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Show & Tell

Where has May gone? Wow! I have been a little more than busy and haven't had time to post. A week after I got back from my first Quilt Show, my husband and I drove up to CT to see my parents for a few days. Now, we are in the process of having our kitchen remodeled. We spent last weekend cleaning out all of the cabinets and trying to find a place for everything. My living room is full of my new cabinets in the boxes and my dining room and family room are full of everything else. We will be without a sink for close to 4 weeks, so trying to do anything in the kitchen is out of the question.

Saturday, our son, Dan, graduated from Univ. of NC School of the Arts, with a degree in Fine Arts. His specialty is Technical Direction. We are so excited for him as his first job will be an Automation Director for the entertainment on a Carnival Cruise Ship. I'm seeing a cruise in my future.

On to the Show & Tell part of this post. I have received so many wonderful pictures of the Professional Totes that you have made. It is so much fun for me to see all of your creativity and excitement making my totes. I love the fabrics and it makes me want to make one more just like it.

I bought the Professional Tote pattern at my local quilt shop, and I LOVE it!  So far I have made six of them, and each one is my new favorite.  The latest is my jungle bag, with machine embroidered designs on both sides.  I've given three bags away as gifts, and have plans for more. 
...Phyllis in Colorado

Hi Laura,
Please find attached photos of my first Professional Tote.  What a great pattern.  Yes it does have lots of pieces but you instructions are perfect and clear to follow.  What I liked the most was no seam was to hard for my fussy Pfaff.  And that's saying something.
Thanks Again
Merilyn Stewart from Croydon Australia

Betty made this blue paisley tote with patio cloth. The cloth is weather proof, and fade proof, etc. What a great idea! Betty made this one for her sister-in-law who lives in FL.

I made this for a teacher who must carry her things back and forth from building to building.  Hope you like it, as I
love, love, love this pattern. Deb Tuck.  

Make sure you check out the fussy cut dots at the top of all the pockets. Great job!


Judy Clay from Montrose, CO sent me this great picture of her "Easy Stripper" group posing with all of the Professional Totes they have made. Her friend Ludene has made 13 or14 Professional Totes. 
There are 8 ladies in this picture and I have been able to count as least 16 totes in the picture. You "strippers" are very busy!!

Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful pictures! I love them all!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Quilt Show Booth

I just returned from having a booth at my first quilt show. Now, "just" is a relative term. Today is Thursday and I actually returned Sunday night, but it has taken me this long to recover and I'm still not completely unpacked. I think I'm doing something wrong!
I am familiar with having a booth at a show because I used to go to lots of craft shows in the early 90's. That was when I made all the bags and sold the completed bags. BUT, that was almost 20 years ago when I was that much younger! My mother was right, "Growing Old is Pigeon Poop"!  Many years ago, she came up with that saying, and we have been saying it ever since; now I know how true it really is.  Do you think all this age talk has anything to do with the fact that I will turn 55 (senior citizen) this month and that I am letting my gray hair grow in (maybe a temporary thing)?  I'm having a little pity party.
Anyway, the show was a good learning experience. It was the first year for this show in Hickory, NC. The Bernina dealers did a great job putting it together and had  65 vendors and a wonderful quilt show. I'm sure the people that attended the show were impressed. The only problem was that there wasn't that many people that attended so it made for a slow show for the vendors. After talking to other vendors, I was reassured that this was not a typical show for sales. I'm not complaining because I needed a show to get my feet wet and if it had been busy we would have crumbled. My husband and daughter came with me for moral support and physical help. By the 3rd day, I think we had everything under control. The 3 of us had fun spending time together and on 3 occasions people poked there heads around to our booth and told us we were having way too much fun! There was a lot of laughing involved.
Here is a picture of our booth. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Quilt & Fiber Art Emporium

I have been so busy getting ready to have a booth at my first quilt show that I haven't had time to post. I figured that I better get a post out and tell you about the show so maybe you can come. If you live in the North Carolina area and have this weekend free, you should stop by and say hello, I would love to see you.

The show is called The Quilt & Fiber Art Emporium 2010 . It will be at the Hickory Metro Convention Center in Hickory, North Carolina. The show starts this Friday, April 30 and runs through Sunday, May 2nd. Marianne Fons will be there on Saturday to give a lecture on the motivations of American quilters from 1776 to the present day.
Did you know that Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, founding editors of Love of Quilting magazine have a paid circulation of over 320,000? This makes it the most widely-circulated magazine in the world. Wow! I think that is amazing. We quilters ROCK! (That's me trying to sound young!)

Come on down and see me, my daughter Carol and my DH, Mike at the show!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

...and the winner is!!

Drumroll please!!

Patty from Momloves2quilt is my very first winner of a giveaway. Congratulations, Patty.

My random drawing was performed by my husband Mike. He works at home in the room right next to mine. I hollered to him from my office and said, "Mike, please pick a random number between 1-45"  He hollered back  "23". There you go, I think that's pretty random.

As soon as I hear from Patty, she will receive a new Kangaroo Tote and pattern.
Thanks to everyone who played.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giveaway reminder

Just a quick reminder that I will draw a winner for a Kangaroo tote and pattern tomorrow morning at 9:00am EST.  If you would like to win, add a comment to the April 6th post.
Check back tomorrow to see if you won!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meeting a customer

Donna from Northern Virginia was in town near Raleigh for Easter and asked me if I had a store because she would like to visit it. I told her that I didn't have a store, but I used to work at the local Bernina dealer and they are a great quilt shop with thousands of bolts of fabric and maybe we could meet there.

Last Wednesday I met up with Donna and she showed me her Professional Tote and Raleigh purse that she had made. She also showed me the wonderful addition she had made to the Raleigh purse. She added a center pocket just like in the professional tote.

Here is a picture of the Raleigh purse with the center pocket.

We had a great visit at Bernina World of Sewing and I want to thank Donna for bringing her bags for me to see. I love the new idea of the center the Raleigh Purse. Great job!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Leather Purse

Thank you for signing up for the Kangaroo Tote giveaway! I can't wait to have my first drawing. There is still time to enter, just scoll down or find the April 6th post, leave me a comment or two to enter.

I just finished making a leather Carol's Convertible Purse for my daughter Carol. This is a belated Christmas gift. You know the poor Cobblers family story that have no shoes, well Carol had been carrying one of the first Carol's Convertible purse that I had made. I even forgot to sew up the pocket lining and she couldn't figure out why her purse was getting so heavy. All of her loose change was dropping inside the purse between the lining and the fabric.
She really deserves to have a nice purse after all this time. Her favorite color is purple! This purple leather showed the color better on the sueded side so I decided to reverse some of the pieces so the purse would appear more purple.

Start with one pile of leather cut into pieces
Sew the front sections together
Sew the back sections together
Make and opening for a back zipper
Tape the lining facing down so it's easier to sew in the zipper

Sew the zipper in place
Clothespin the side panels to the front section for sewing, etc, etc.

Continue until you have a finished purse.

Carol loves her new Carol's Convertible Purse. Guess who the pattern is named after?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Have you signed up for my first giveaway? Hurry, I'll be drawing next Thursday, April 15th. Leave me a comment to win!

We are experiencing one of the worst pollen weeks I've seen in a few years. It is always bad this time of year, but this year we haven't had any rain to wash it away. Look for yourself!
I wet down the hose to show you what the deck and hose should look like.
This is the mat on my covered front porch with foot prints from the UPS guy. I had to wipe off the box when I got it in the house, it was covered in green yuck!

It makes me feel gritty just looking at it. I guess I'll try a rain dance.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Giveaway!!

I am very excited to announce my very first giveaway! I also just sent out my very first newsletter, and to celebrate I am going to give away a completed Kangaroo Tote (below) and pattern to one lucky person.

The Kangaroo Tote folds into its own pouch/pocket and is very easy to make. It is lightweight and portable so you can clip it onto your belt loop or purse and have a shopping bag at your fingertips when it’s needed.  It is best to use a fabric that looks the same on both sides like a Batik. All of the seams are finished so there are no raw edges showing anywhere. The pattern includes 3 different styles to choose and is not lined.

Shopping Tote – Use this when you go to the mall and add your purchases to one bag and leave the paper and plastic bags behind. Of course this can be used at the grocery store!

Drawstring Bag – This is great to bring with you on vacation to put your dirty laundry in, or fill with small toys for the kids in the car.

Drawstring Backpack – I use this style anytime I want my hands free but still want carry a few things with me.

Below are pictures of the steps to fold up your Kangaroo Tote for travel.

Step 1. Place bag pocket side down on a table

Step 2. Fold down handles onto bag, and fold each side of the bag over towards the center.
 The folds will be up against the pocket.

Step 3. Fold the top and bottom of the bag towards the center butting up against the pocket.
 The folded bag will be the same size as the pocket at this point

Step 4. Reach inside of the pocket while grabbing all of the folded parts and turn the pocket wrong side out, placing the folded bag inside the pocket.

Step 5. Kangaroo Tote all folded up! This view shows the inside of the pocket, which shows when the tote is folded and I embroidered the Laurel Burch design on it.  

To enter the drawing for a Kangaroo Tote and pattern, do one or all of the following to enter.

  • Leave a comment on this blog. (1 entry)

  • Become a follower of the blog (2 entries)

  • Subscribe to the newsletter (1 entry)

  • Blog about this giveaway and link to my blog post (3 entries)
The drawing will be on April 15th at 9:00am EST, so you have time to tell all your friends to take a look and enter. Maybe you will get a happy suprise on tax day!

Click on the word "comment" below to enter the contest.