Wednesday, April 7, 2010


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We are experiencing one of the worst pollen weeks I've seen in a few years. It is always bad this time of year, but this year we haven't had any rain to wash it away. Look for yourself!
I wet down the hose to show you what the deck and hose should look like.
This is the mat on my covered front porch with foot prints from the UPS guy. I had to wipe off the box when I got it in the house, it was covered in green yuck!

It makes me feel gritty just looking at it. I guess I'll try a rain dance.


Anonymous said...

Aren't we glad we have lots of fabric to keep us busy inside this time of the year?! You could scoop up that pollen and fill the pockets of the Professional Tote pretty fast around here! Love your blog! carolyn : )

Karen said...

Isn't this stuff awful!!!! My oldest daughter has severe allergies and is miserable. Blah!!

Carol said...

I just want to see what that rain dance looks like!