Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Pattern Anouncement!

Here it is! My newest pattern, called Hidden Treasure Tote. My daughter thought up the name and I think it is perfect. Inside this mid-size tote there is a hidden surprise. You will find a mini purse that is attached to the inside of the bag with Velcro. This is the same bag that I taught at the NC Quilt Symposium. I didn't have a name for it then so it was called Laura's Sampler Tote.
I love the size of this tote; I took it with me on the cruise that my son works on and it was perfect. I carried the whole tote during the day when we were site-seeing and in the evening I unhooked the mini purse and off we went to dinner and the show.

This is inside of the tote with the mini purse attached. The light blue flap folds down when it is out of the bag and covers up the back pocket on the purse. A narrow shoulder strap is hiding in the back pocket while it is in the tote.

I just added this to my website this afternoon. The special offer for the new pattern is 2 free zippers for the tote. In the comment section of the order form, tell me what colors you would like and I will add 2 - 14" zippers to your order for FREE!!! This offer will end Sunday, July 17, 2011 at midnight EST.


Barb said...

What a wonderful pattern!

mindcreativity said... thimble collecion swap

Anonymous said...

Laura, I have a question about a slight design change I would like your approval for as I teach your professional tote to some fellow quilters. We are all purchasing your pattern but I have made a couple of changes when I was making the bag and would like your permission to include them. My email is thanks

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